Welcome to ElevenTwentythree Advisory!

1123 is a Swiss registered company focused on providing innovative companies with high quality solutions: strategic synergies, funding, incorporation, business development, key distribution areas.
At ElevenTwentythree Advisory, we are always committed to quality and excellence, and we want to inspire entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. We believe in Ideas! Solidity, Pragmatism, Feasibility to structure these dreams. Plans supported by a strong strategy to create real value!
We focus on Biotech, Digital Health, Wellness, and Innovative Materials.
Over time, we have been keeping a trust-based relationship with professional investors to whom we present niche investment opportunities.
We seek to pair Investors in Innovation with Innovative Entrepreneurs. 

Our Mission

If you are an innovative company offering quality and purpose, we put our vast experience at your service. Using our expertise and our network of contacts we assist you in elaborating a development strategy, sourcing funding if required, incorporating in Switzerland when appropriate. And no business is too small when it aims at doing something good for its customers!
If you are a professional investor, we can present to you niche investment opportunities with a considerable margin of growth and profit, still operating with an ethical frame of mind. 

Our experience

The ElevenTwentythree Advisory team has more than 35 years of experience in investment banking. We also bring in 15+ years in marketing and sales, and more than 15 years in corporate communication. Our professionalism allows us to help you with a wide range of challenges bringing dependable and efficient solutions. 

Our Vision

We want to be your first choice when you have a good product and you want to develop the business in Switzerland, prime testing area in Europe.
We want to be your first choice when you are looking to invest in something innovative, with clear growth ahead, which is profitable and also respectful of human values.

Our Values

ElevenTwentythree Advisory is a company based on:
– Transparency
– Professionalism
– Creativity
– Human Values


UID: CHE-150.071.735